A. Background

The 12th International and National Seminar of Fisheries and Marine Science (ISFM) is  the annual event from Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science Universitas Riau. The Seminar will cover topics related to the main issues on Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Affairs Development to Support the Blue Economy Program.

B. Objective and Expected Outcomes

The objective of the Seminar is to provide information and facilitate all participant to openly discuss challenges issues particularly in the fisheries, marine and environmental sciences. The audience will have an overview of the objectives and the main issues discussed in the seminar event. Selected papers will be submitted for review and possible publication in Web of Conferences, Scopus indexed and journals accredited in SINTA. We also firmly believe that participants will be able to connect and create network virtually with other participants during the event.

C. Participants

The event would be open to Lecturer, Researcher, Scholars and other interested parties in the field areas.

D. Focuses and Scopes

The seminar will cover issues related to the fisheries, marine and environmental sciences, including but not limited to:
• Aquaculture
• Biodiversity
• Marine Biotechnology and Fisheries
• Oceanographic
• Fisheries Processing Biotechnology
• Functional Food
• Aquatic Ecology and Conservation
• Fish Catching
• Ecotoxicology and Water Pollution
• Fish Disease
• Marine Ecotourism
• Socio-Economic Fisheries
• Food Security

E. Invited Speakers

1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Tengku Dahril, M.Sc Universitas Riau, Indonesia
2. Dr. Zulkarnain, S.Pi., M.Si, Universitas Riau, Indonesia
3. Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang, PhD, University of Philippines, Philippines
4. Dr. Tan Lik Tong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
5. Bui Tran Nu Thanh Viet, Ph.D, Nha Trang University, Vietnam
6. Dr. Sukree Hajisamae (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)

F. Date and Time

Date : September 13, 2023
Venue: Hotel Pangeran

G. Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline July 31, 2023
Abstract Notification August 5, 2023
Registration Payment Deadline August 10, 2023
Full Paper Deadline August 15, 2023
International and National Seminar September 13, 2023
Article Processing Charge (APC) Payment Deadline September 20, 2023

H. Publications

Web of Conference

I. Contact Persons

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universitas Riau

Bina Widya Km 12,5 Jalan HR. Soebrantas Km 12.5 Simpang Baru,
Kecamatan Tampan, Pekanbaru, Riau, INDONESIA, 28293

• Riska Fatmawati, M.Si. (Phone: +62 823 3215 6854-Whatsapp)
• Rindi Metalisa, S.P., M.Si. (Phone: +62 852 6337 7132-Whatsapp)

J. Organizing Committee

Steering Committee :

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rifardi, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Nofrizal, S.Pi, M.Si.
Dr. Iskandar Putra, S.Pi, M.Si.
Ir. Jonny Zaen, M.Si.

Chairman : Dr. Indra Suharman, S.Pi., M.Sc.
Vice Chairman : Dr. Trisla Warningsih, S.Pi., M.Si.
General Secretary : Novreta Ersyi Darfia, ST., MT.
Finance Coordinator : Ummi Mardhiah Batubara, S.Si., M.Si.

Secretariat and Publication :
Polaris Nasution, ST., MT.
Dian Iriani, S.Pi., MP.
Rindi Metalisa, S.P., M.Si.
Chicka Willy Yanti, S.P., M.P.
Santhy Wisuda Sidauruk, S.Pi., M.Si
Riska Fatmawati, M.Si.
Rizky Febriansyah Siregar, S.Pi., M.Si.

Speaker & Moderator:
Dr. Ir. Joko Samiaji, M.Sc.
Dr. Dra. Windarti, M.Sc.

IT :

Yudho Harjoyudanto, S.Si., M.Si.
Andri Hendrizal, S.Pd., M.Sc.
Tomi Ramadona, S.Pi., M.Si.

Reviewer :

Prof. Dr. Ir. Irwan Efendi, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Bintal Amin, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Nursyirwani, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Feliatra, DEA.
Dr. Ir. Eddiwan, M.Sc.

Event :

Dr. Ir. Morina Riauwati, MP.
Dr. Sumarto, S.Pi, M.Si.
Dr. Zulkifli, S.Pi, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. Deni Efizon, M.Sc.
Dr. Muhammad Fauzi, S.Pi., M.Si.
Nur El Fajri, S.Pi, M.Si.
Indra Lesmana, S.Pi, M.Si.

Venue & Logistic :

Dr. Ir. Niken Ayu Pamukas, M.Si.
Dr. Dessy Yoswati, S.Pi, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. Adelina, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. Alit Hindriyani, M.Sc.

Public Relation & Documentation :

Hazmi Arief, S.Pi, M.Si.
Dr. Nur Asiah, S.Pi., M.Si.
Supriadi, S.Pi.



Prof. Dr. Ir. Tengku Dahril, M.Sc (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Dr. Zulkarnain, S.Pi., M.Si (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang, Ph.D (University of Philippines, Philippines)

Dr. Tan Lik Tong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Bui Tran Nu Thanh Viet, Ph.D (Nha Trang University, Vietnam)

Dr. Sukree Hajisamae (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)

Dr. Indra Suharman, S.Pi., M.Sc. (Department of Aquaculture Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bintal Amin, M.Sc. (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. Irwan Effendi, M.Sc. (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. Feliatra DEA (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nursyirwani, M.Sc. (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Dr. Joko Samiaji, M.Sc (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Dr. Dra. Windarti, M.Sc (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)

Dr. Trisla Warningsih, S.Pi., M.Si. (Universitas Riau, Indonesia)